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Dry Pet Cat Fish Feed Extrusion Equipment Plant Animal Floating Food Production Line Pet Dog Food Pellet Making Processing Extruder Machine Price

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Fish Feed Processing Line  is designed reasonably and got high degree of automation. It can control the extrusion technological parameters precisely.The conditioner is designed innovative, two axle different running speed.Enhanced conditioning, condition time >180 seconds, further improving the aging effect.The screw innovative design, increases the use for range of the materials, improves the product quality and increase the type of products. Advanced cutting structure and device. Many kinds of grain, meat meal, fish meal, beans can be used for this line to make dog food, cat food, fish food, shrimp feed and other pet food. By adjusting raw material proportion, temperature,moisture technological parameter, you can have the products get the rich nutrition, cured well, structure refined, suitable for taste and nutritional requirements of different pet.


1.The feed pellets can keep floating for over 24 hours without pollution on water.
2.Pellet size from diameter 1mm-12mmjust by changing the mould.
3.High temperature and high pressure cooking process can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections and also makes the pellets easily to digest.
4.The cutting device can make pellets of different length.
5.We can provide whole fish feed pellet production line.


Special instruction:
1.Our machines can be driven by gasoline engine, diesel engine or electrical motor.
2.We can manufacture the machines according to your special requirements. For example: as for the frequency, voltage and color, and so on.
3.Different models have different output, you can choose the suitable ones.

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